• 10 Biblical Responsibilities Parents have to their Children

    1.  Be a godly example

    2.  Teach your child to love God (Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 6:5-9) 

    3.  Teach your child to respect authority (Proverbs 1:8, Romans 13:1-2)

    4.  Discipline your children early (Proverbs 13:24, 22:15)

    5.  Teach your child without you getting angry or getting them angry (Ephesians 6:4, Colossians 3:21)

    6.  The punishment for not bringing up children in the Lord is that they WILL bring you grief (Proverbs 29:15)

    7.  Respect your child's ability to make choices and allow them to live with the consequences of bad choices

    8.  Sacrifice for your child

    9.  Depend totally on God (Psalm 121:2)

    10.  Love your children the way God loves you, UNCONDITIONALLY

  • Not impressed.

    I am NOT impressed

    by your money, position or title. 

    I AM impressed by

    how you treat others.

  • Expository Preaching Conference - SW Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX)

    The three-day conference will include:

    • 6 Plenary Sessions
    • 42 breakout session, including sessions in Korean and Spanish
    • Woman’s Ministry breakout sessions
    • Course credit available

    Pre-Conference by: David Allen on Text Driven Preaching: What is it and How to communicate it?

    Speakers include: David Allen, Alistair Begg, Bryan Carter, Noe Garcia, Phillip Pointer, Kyle Walker, and more

    Conference Cost

    • Early Bird (by February 15): $75
    • After February 15: $99
    • Discounted student rate available to any student currently enrolled at an academic institution.  Please contact for discount registration link.


  • 🤗 Father God I worship 🙏 YOU & give YOU Praise 🙌 as YOU are the Head Of My Life & Household 🤗

    Matthew 7:24 
    Lord, I come before YOU to ask that YOU would establish our home on the solid rock of YOUR Love. Please be our cornerstone. I pray that our family would be rooted in love, grounded in grace, and rich in spirit for one another help us to be a family that reaches up to YOU, reaches in to support each other and reaches out to the world around us. May we stand firm as a family built on a foundation of true faith. 
    In Jesus name..... Amen 
    #GodIsAwesome #JesusIsTheReason #GodIsAble #PrayerChanges #BeEncouraged #BlessingsAndFavor

  • 📣 GOOD MORNING MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS! The question of the day: "Who's hand are you holding!?"
    PRAYER: Lord, this world offers so many choices of things or people to whom we could give our allegiance. We will choose not to bow to the gods of materialism or selfishness. Instead please give us the strength to serve YOU. As we humbly bow before YOU, we ask that YOU will provide for all our needs so we can be a means to help and supply the needs of others through our service and hospitality.

    Influence isn't about power it's about servanthood and giving our best to others whatever our position in life. You see, powerful, & effective prayers make a difference as we partner with God to accomplish his work. A service heart can build relationship bridges and be a witness to God's love, saving power to those we interact with. A lack of endurance is one of the greatest causes of defeat especially in prayer. "We don't wait well because we're into microwaving things; and God, on the other hand is use to marinating." The Devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. So why not walk & hold hands with the creator of all things seen and unseen. Take HIS hand & let HIM lead your way throughout your journey. Amen! #Glory #GodIsAble #PrayerChanges #BeEncouraged #EnjoyYourDay #Salute
  • " Change is Good - Change starts within."
    Goodmorning!!!! 😆
    Q: What do you see as you look at yourself in the mirror daily? 🤔 Do you like what you see? 🤔 Are you the image of what you'd like individuals of the world to be spiritually? Do you represent Love, Unity, Inspiration, Empowerment, & Spirituality? Your CHANGE can start NOW..... TODAY! It's NEVER to late to CHANGE & give your life to Christ; making Him your Lord & Savior. Allow God to work in your life by getting in your BIBLE & learning His WORD. Jesus can carry you, delivery you, & save you. When God becomes 1st in your life.... everything changes. 😍 All of what you did before of the world will have no inteterest or desire. You will be renewed! 😆 So I DARE YOU to try Him yourself. 🙄 #BeEncouraged #GodIsAble #PrayerChanges #Salute 🙏🙌
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Would you like to study the bible in a more formal setting? ITS may be the answer. Visit their website and discover ITS.


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Would you like to study the bible in a more formal setting? ITS may be the answer. Visit their website and discover ITS.